Friday, October 30, 2009

Took a little trip

"Some folks dream of the wonders they'll do before their time on this planet is through. Some just don't have anything planned. They hide their hopes and their heads in the sand.

Now I don't say who is wrong , who is right, but if by chance you are here for the night, then all I need is an hour or two to tell the tale of a dreamer like you.

We all dream a lot.
Some are lucky.
Some are not.
But if you think it, want it, dream it, then it's real. You are what you feel.
All that I say can be told another way in the story of a boy whose dream came true.

And he could be you.................."

I took a little trip to Canann last night, where I met up with the 12 sons of Jacob. I told you about them last week when I was busy creating scenes out of cardboard. Well, they went and did it! They stole Joseph's coat, threw him in a pit, killed a passing goat for the blood and guts to wipe on that coat, just to show their papa that Joseph was indeed dead. What they had really done was to sell their brother as a slave. We watched Joseph go from brother, son, sheep herder to slave, to leader of the household to slave again, to dreamer. He was able to tell the meaning of dreams while in jail, and was asked to explain the dreams of Pharoah. He was able to get out of jail, and saved Egypt!

The brothers in Canann-who had done the deed of throwing him away for a handful of coins, heard about the wealth and food in Egypt, so they came, did not recognize Joseph, but being the good man he was, Joseph fed them. Just to figure out the hearts of these brothers, he planted a golden cup in Benjamin's bag. When he was caught and Joseph threatened to throw him in jail, the 11 brothers came to his defense, saying, "It could not be Benjamin, not him, take me". Joseph knew by this his brothers were now honest men, and the time had come to be reunited with them.

Celebration all around. With the cast, the crew and the 60+ elementary children in the production, Joseph was welcomed back into the family, and reunited with Jacob, the father of this crew! Family...thicker than blood, forgiving, a blessing!

The goat-before and after-

Joseph telling the baker and the butler the meaning of their dreams...

Pharoah............."the king" shoes and all!

"Joseph, who you thought was dead, your brother, it is me!"

Giving thanks for Emily's healing. A couple of weeks ago, she was in the hospital, unresponsive, combative, confused............last night she was a child, celebrating the love of family. She is shown here dancing with Kendra!

What an amazing production.....thankful for directors, musicians, the dedication of the cast and crew, friends, family, children, our school, talents we have been given....and a whole lot of paint and cardboard!!!!!

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Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

What an AWESOME show it was! Thanks for all your artistic work!