Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

What a difference a year makes. One year ago, Marissa called, completely engulfed in tears....

Thanking God, one year later, for her safety and for His healing.

As we welcome 2011, take this day to attend your church.
Take this day to thank God for His many, many blessings.
Take this day to hug your babies and thank Him for his safety.
Take this day to thank God for sending His Son for us.

Take this day to love.What makes love so amazing? Love is what motivated the Father to send His only Son to die for us. Without love, there would have been no redemption for mankind. Not only would we be without love, there would also be no faith, and no hope. You see, nothing else matters, without love. It is the foundation for every other good thing in our lives. Blessings to all of you as we enter a new year, even more blessed than the year before

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