Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Prayers for Sister Linda

So very blessed.........

Today, I ask for your prayers for my dear sister, Linda. She is having an emergency surgery today. She has not been feeling well for some time, and just yesterday, had a CT scan and found the answer to her pain. The doctors will attempt to remove several large kidney stones and hope to save her kidneys from impending failure. We are so very blessed to have 5 sisters and I love them all so dearly. Please ask that God guides the hand of the surgeon and sends her the best nurses to help her through this time. Give her peace and comfort and Your healing hand, Lord.

Linda, I do love you so dearly. I wish I could be with you right now to hold your hand for a little while, but I place my trust in God and in His amazing gift of medicine and talented surgeons. Feel my love across the miles, and know that your sisters love you so much and pray that you will soon be relieved from all this pain and you will be good as new. We will celebrate with you as you are recovering from this! Hugs and much, much love, Sister Carol

A Sister is...

A sister is your guardian angel if she's older,
and your constant shadow if she's younger.
Your confidant, protector of your heart,
and secret keeper. A sister can also be
your enemy; your best adversary at times
of fighting.

She keeps all of your secrets, even the tough
ones. She's the one to tell you constantly
how pretty you are, partly because you look
similar in some ways. Your sister is the one
to call when that one boy talks to you; especially
when he decides to break your heart.
Also she's the first one vowing to beat him up
if he breaks your heart.

Your sister is your mother at a younger age
and you are hers. Not only is she your savior
shall anything happen to you, she also knows
what to do to make you feel better and wipe
away the tears. A sister is your only friend
when all others have walked out, especially
when you need a friend the most. This is
the person you shared your bedroom, and
at any time when your body changes, the one
whom you share clothes with.

She knows what makes you laugh, cry, and
most times is the one to make you laugh
and cry. She gives you a firm grasp of life
and tells you how hard love is so you dont' go
in blind. She has the qualities of an angel and
will never leave your side. She's the one who
understands every personal event life throws
at you, for she lost the same loved one you did.

To me a sister is all of these qualities rolled into
one. For I am the lucky one to have a big
sister like you.

Linda has had her procedure, and has come though fine. I talked to her husband, and he said she is wincing a bit as she is waking up from surgery. They were able to "zap" or shock her one kidney about 2400 times!!!! The second kidney, a few times less than that, but those big old stones are nothing but SAND!!!! She will not have to have the more invasive surgery at this time, thank the Lord! Sounds like it could be pretty uncomfortable recovery, but worst case scenario was that they would have to cut her open from her belly button around to her back to get to her kidneys. This will be much better! She will be going home tonight, so probably won't have time for any visitors, but I am sure she would love some emails or calls in the next few days! You rest now Linda and take care of yourself. Others can wait for a while!!! Love you forever!


Carol said...

I'm saying prayers for, Linda.


Sunshine Mama said...

Sending a prayer for your sister!