Sunday, May 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Brandon

28 years ago today, we had our first child and I fell in love with an 8 lb. boy. Well, actually, I fell in love with him long before that day. Having a child is a whole new kind of love and it is truly an amazing miracle from other explanation!
He was born in a little bitty hospital and they didn't have the nice birthing rooms they do now. I layed there for so long, I asked if I could have a TV. They said they would see what they could do. No one had ever asked for a TV before. Dave asked if he could go downtown and get something to eat. I said, "Go ahead, I'm not going
anywhere". I remember the many, many, MANY trips back and forth of someone
in some very noisy, clicky shoes. I found out later that those noisy shoes
belonged to the hospital administrator, who just so happened to be my anesthetist
late in the evening. Being a little bitty hospital, there was no surgeon at
hand. I had to "wait" for him to be done with another surgery atanother hospital. I remember giggling on the operating table.
They said they had never heard that before. I was exhausted, nervous, scared, but so, so happy and grateful that they were going to deliver this baby one way or another.

Brandon was born, bearing a "cone head", with lots of dark hair, blue
eyes, and 8 lbs of flesh and bone and health. Those were also the days without
the good drugs and the pain pumps, but rather the hypo in the rear every 4
hours. How I dreaded that needle, but learned to take it or be sorry later when
the pain was almost unbearable. They would roll me to the side like a
"sack of potatoes" when I was still a bit numb from the spinal block.
The pain of childbirth, as my mother always said, is a pain you soon forget. It
is still there....some of the memory. But having kids is by far worth the pain.
You were full of questions....full of answers...full of made
life VERY interesting , and I am so thankful for you

I was honored to bring you into the world, honored to watch you play soccer and football and basketball and run track, and play baseball, and make pinewood derby cars and be a boy scout, and be confirmed and graduate from high school, and wrestle and swim and play, and then get married and have children of your own.

You have grown into a good husband, Daddy, brother and son and I am so proud of you! If I haven't told you lately.....I thank you for my grandbabies. I love all of my children AND my grandbabies and I thank you for giving them to me to love!

Happy Birthday Son. I love you forever!

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Jennifer @ said...

Happy Birthday Brandon! :)

Good seeing you for a milli-second today. :)