Thursday, March 19, 2009

#1 Son

I love the Daddy picture with the two boys!

So patient!

Vote for me! Elementary Student Council Election Campaign.

Everything was a celebration. Have you ever heard it said,
"I came to live life out loud".....he did.

The whole family!

Today, it is Brandon.....I always said he was stubborn from the get go....23 hours of labor and still a C section. He just didn't want to be born, but once here, no one could forget that he was here to live life with gusto. He didn't walk....he ran everywhere he went. He gave us some moments, but mostly joy, and those rough moments are almost (yes, almost) forgotten. I look at him with such pride at what a hard worker he is and what a good Daddy he is. They have such a nice family and nice home. They faithfully bring their 3 children to church each Sunday, and the boys are in Sunday School too! He found Brittany and never looked back. They had twins their first time at parenting. They had an ultrasound and I asked..."what are you having?" Brandon said, "Which one?". I thought he was joking and laughed at that one. He said, "Mom, that's why it says baby A and baby B". I was so excited....still am 4 years later! I always tell him, for all the things he put me through, he is getting back double what he gave. We call the twins "Double Trouble", but Grandma Carol sure loves them and really they are more "Double Joy" than anything.

Then, along came Baby Braylyn.
She is a heartbreaker and she has her Daddy right where she wants him!

Who can resist that face?

Yes, that first child is a lesson to behold. I was honored to bring him into the world, honored to watch him play soccer and football and basketball and run track, and play baseball, and make pinewood derby cars and be a boy scout, and be confirmed and graduate from high school, and wrestle and swim and play.....and become a Daddy. Love you forever, Brandon!

Lots of time at Grandma Carol's...lots of photo opportunities! I never felt one bit bad about being a Grandma. I think that must be what I was put on this earth to do. I told Brandon I was sorry last week. I am much more patient as a Grandma than I was as a mom.

He is driving right now....17 hours with his family of 5, to New Mexico. Are they crazy? They actually have 3 DVD screens in their vehicle, enough food packed for the trip down there, lots of plans to do warm weather things, a nice long vacation to see some great friends, and welcome their children into the world. Pray for their safety and sanity, 17 hours in a car together, a week of fun filled activities and another 17 hours home. Pray for Tyler as he is learning in Puerto Rico and on his long flight home on Sunday. Pray for Marissa....she has so many friend and high school decisions right now....driving for the first time....playing volleyball at the state AAU competition next week...Lord, thank you for all my children and grandchildren.

I am so blessed.


Anonymous said...

This is so cute to read and the pictures are precious! We have watched Brandon (and Ty too) grow up to be such nice young men! You should be proud mom!!

Love you!

Annie said...

The pictures are precious!!! How blessed you and your family are to have each other. I hear it is great to be a grandparent! Although my children have told me they want furry kids first :)

janelle said...

Isn't it wonderful how time (and granchildren) can make the not-so-pleasant memories fade? Fortunate for all of us I suppose.

Brandon has a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing them with us.