Monday, March 23, 2009

Saying Goodbye

On Friday, we said goodbye to Miss Mulder. Those 10 weeks simply FLEW by. We shared so much and learned so much together, it is hard to let her go. We exchanged parting gifts, hugs, laughs, and more hugs. She brought treats and the students all signed a giant card they made for her. She has been such a big help to me, I am worrying about doing it on my own again! She is staying in our building for 4 more weeks to do her student teaching experience in our elementary. I may have to wander down there and make she she is doing OK on the other end of the building! She gave me the coolest card that she had made and said, "I know that us being placed together was no accident". She is a special one and will make someone a very fine teacher. I am so honored that I was part of her journey. I will miss you Kelly! Thanks for spending a little time with us in junior high and high school art at West Lyon.

Yep....I'm still short!!! I look like my mom.
I feel like Kelly's mom.
Hard to let her go, hard to let her grow up. Kelly said she would probably be singing in class before you know it. Kelly, "I hope you dance"!!!

8th hour art-
Why is it so much fun to make faces?

Kelly was technically done, but still offering assistance.
That's the good teacher in her! I am definitely going
to miss the extra pair of hands!

7th hour art-

3rd hour art-

Kelly made many friends. Here she is with Nick, Vonda and Brandon!


Susan S. said...

ahhh...I know you are going to miss having her around but at least you are getting to wean yourself since she'll be down the hall for a bit. From the pictures it looks like the students fell in love with her too! How Cool! God placed her in your life as a gift...I'm glad you received it! Take care, Carol!

Darlene said...

My sister is student teaching right now, so I enjoyed this appreciative post!

Billy Coffey said...

Even after twelve years, my wife still fondly recalls her student teaching days. I'm sure Miss Mulder will do the same with you.

Carol said...

Thank you Susan, Darlene and Billy! I really did enjoy my time with Kelly. I remember my student teaching days, not so fondly, with some not so good memories of my cooperating teacher. I really wanted to be helpful, warm, receptive, inviting and caring. I think I did that for Kelly. I will miss her, but I have a feeling we will stay somewhat connected. Carol

Carol said...
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Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

It is hard to say good-bye...I'm sure you have been a great encouragement to Kelly. And I hope she dances, too! I'm betting she will. Thanks for your sweet comments.

Love and Prayers,

Jennifer said...

Sweet photos! I'm sure she was a blessing to your room. And I'm just as certain that you were a blessing to her.

Annie said...

I remember my student teaching days! Learned a lot that not only helped when I became a teacher but also a parent! What a joy to have someone special to share your day with! Looks like you have a fun classroom! Good wishes to Ms Mulder. And blessings to you for being an inspiration to her, your students and your readers!