Monday, March 16, 2009

Dear Daughter

I love to watch you play....

I love how much you love to draw.

I love to watch you with your nephews.

I loved all those little girl soccer games.

I love taking your school pictures, and I really love that you want me to!

I am so blessed that I was there for your Kindergarten Rodeo (wasn't that just yesterday?)

I love all the photos I got to take of you and your friends and your faces!!!!

That's a good one!


I love that I get to be at school to watch you participate!

I love it that you are becoming such a great painter,and that you even enjoyed reproducing "Color Study-Squares with Concentric Rings" by Wassily Kandinsky.

I love that you poured your heart out in this one!

She Walks With Me

From the first breath of her life, she flew straight into my arms.
I used to catch her from the swing when she was five...
And now she dances on the wind in a world as hard as stone.
She's so anxious to begin and ready to fly....

And she walks with me and she talks with me
And I hold her hand in mine.
I know she'll find her way
Like the light of day 'cause it's love that makes her strong.

Though I cannot stop the rain and I cannot turn the tide
And I am sure there will be things that break her heart,
I can only let her know I am always on her side.
And even when I let her go, I'll never be far.

And she walks with me
And she talks with me
In her eyes I see her truth
Born of her fire and grace
as she finds her place
'cause it's love that makes her strong.

I love it that your always hug me goodnight!!!!
Love you forever, Riss!!!


Lisa said...



Billy Coffey said...

Looks like she has her mother's talent...

janelle said...

Beautiful Carol - absolutely beautiful.

Candi said...

Marissa has grown into a beautiful young woman. Enjoy every moment that she is still at home. I miss seeing my baby girl every day while she is away at college. Ash flew to Ireland yesterday for spring she really has spread her wings!!!!

Jennifer said...

OK -- You had me in tears at Kindergarten Rodeo! That's about where my girls are, and then before I know it, I'll be reflecting as you are now!

Beautiful girl, Marissa is. Beautiful mom, too.