Monday, March 30, 2009


I am thankful to be home. I am thankful all of my children are back in their homes.

Tyler recently went to Puerto Rico. He had a wonderful time, but I am thankful his long flight is over and he is back in Sioux City, safe and sound.

I am thankful for my daughter's friends!!!

I am thankful that my daughter and I are friends....most of the time!

I am thankful for happy, healthy grandbabies.

I am thankful Brandon's family is safe and sound in Larchwood.

Brandon's family spent last week traveling to New Mexico. They took their time getting there, stopping to rest and have some fun with their 3 kids (my grandbabies, who I have not seen for 11 days). Coming home was another story. Enough was enough and it was time to get home (and back to work on Monday). They tried to begin home on Thursday, and wanted to come home through Colororado to do some site seeing in another state, but mother nature had other plans....Colorado was hit hard with huge amounts of snow. New Mexico was hit too. They tried Thursday. They tried Friday. They were stuck in New Mexico because of snow!!!!! The major highways and interstates were shut down. Saturday arrived with another attempt. They checked out of their motel, strapped their 3 little ones into their carseats and sat, 3 hours at the border, waiting to be allowed onto the interstate. They even got out and made a snowman. It was 40 degrees and the roads looked good, but they were not allowed out. Finally, on the road....and they drove the entire way, from New Mexico to Larchwood, IA, arriving at 4 A.M. I am thankful they are home and thankful they are safe. They are not going to be ready for any road trips any time soon! It was the sweet little voice of Kavian on the phone Sunday morning, that said, "Grandpa, we're home! Dave even got a chuckle out of that one!

We left Friday at noon, traveled 5 hours to Newton,IA for the State Gold Volleyball tournament. We took 3 girls down and, as you can see, they were their own entertainment. The team did well, getting further than they ever have, but were stopped short of the state title, meeting their rival from NW Iowa, Boyden Hull. Second in the state is awesome....first place would be better, but we are so proud of them and thankful that they have stayed together, played together and are all such great kids.

Marissa received the honor of being chosen to the All Tournament Team.
I am thankful for her, her strong healthy body, and her hard work.

A long trip home, unload the van, catch some sleep, and another road trip. This time to Sioux City for Tyler's Business Awards event at Morningside College.

I am thankful for Tyler, for his hard work, his beautiful smile, and his big hugs for me each time we see each other. He is a great kid and will be graduating in May.

Co-presidents of the campus EGroup

One more trip, home from Sioux City.

I am thankful for the busy life we lead with our 3 beautiful children and grandchildren, but last night, I was just thankful for my own bed!!! Have a great week! I am going to see Brandon's family today......Grandma Carol is in withdrawal after 12 days without them!!!


Billy Coffey said...

Having your family close is one of the true joys of life. Glad all of yours made it back safely.

janelle said...

Sweet post Carol; we are blessed to have all our family close to us as well. We had our granddaughter for the weekend and it's amazing how much life they bring. We just love her to pieces. Glad yours are home and that you get to spend some time with them.

Jennifer said...

So much to be thankful for.

Tonight, I am thankful for YOU and for your continued testimony here at "Choose Joy."

Susan S. said...

Wow have sure been busy and on the road alot. Your "thankful" post was a good reminder for us to be thankful for everything God gives us. Time, loved ones, safe journey, etc!

Now go get some REST!