Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Use My Hands

A Hotel-

A lot of practice-

The magic of cardboard and a few props-

Some great speaking and acting-

Some beautiful singing-


A saloon-

Some pretty girls-
Some acting-a whole lot of singing and dancing-

The stage was set.
The kids had practiced for months.
The teachers are amazing! Trish and rock!
I have nothing to do with directing.
I am just the paint and hands and cardboard constructionist!
The audience was entertained.
I do love my junior high teaching assignment!
I am blessed to be able to work with these kids every day. I enjoy watching them be kids for just a little longer. I enjoy watching them come out and play~!

(Sorry, not my painting....wish it were....but love it. I too, am a collage artist!!!)

Dear Lord,

Use my hands....use my head....use my heart to say and do the right thing for these children you have blessed me with. I do love them and appreciate them and care for them so much. Thank you for this amazing opportunity I have to work with kids each and every day. Thank you for my hands, work worn, tired and dirty, but so useful. Let me remember that these are your children and need, every once in a while, for me to hold out my hands in love and acceptance. In your name I pray, Amen


Billy Coffey said...

There was a production recently at the college where I work, and they desperately needed your talent. What you did for your school simply blows away what I saw there.

That last painting, with the hands. Is that yours?

janelle said...

Yes Lord, bless those hands; bless that heart and bless this teacher who I, as a fellow believer, am so thankful for. Help her every day to show your love for the kids she comes in contact with (my kids!!) through her words and actions.

Thank you for teachers who love you God-thank you for Carol!

Cher said...

You did a marvelous job on the set paintings! Heck with showing us the kids, show us your artwork!

The Texas Woman

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Love this! Makes me reminiscent of the days when I was in high school musicals. Sigh. Now my son is in high school (not musicals, though!) Wonderful artwork on the sets. What a way to use your gift. I'm certain you are a blessing to the children God has placed in your care!