Thursday, April 9, 2009

Thankful Thursday

Just feeling a bit rough around the edges today....looking each day for spring...needing the sunshine....but needing to find something to be thankful for today. Wish I could gather up a bunch of hugs from all of you. Thanks Vonda! You are an inspiration to me !!!

I am thankful today for Jesus' suffering and death so that I might live. We are performing our cantata tonight at church. Each year, our cantata are such a blessing to me, usually finishing with joy and resurrection and all the good stuff about Easter. This year, we are in the garden with Jesus, with those who betrayed Him. We sing of suffering and sorrow and how Jesus forgave and told another man dying beside him that, "You will be with me in paradise". Our last song, "It is finished, the Messiah dies, cut off for sins but not His own. Accomplished is the sacrifice. His great redeeming work is done". This cantata leaves me a bit sad....good I suppose to realize the extent of his suffering and sacrifice, but I will be looking forward to Sunday, hopefully, sunshine and songs of the resurrection. A friend, Beth and I are singing a duet as a call to worship. "We have seen the risen Lord. We have heard his gentle voice saying, "Be not afraid". Now that song fills me with joy! It is a gift I have been given....the gift of song. See??? When I feel down in the dumps, I just have to voice my feelings and I find there is always something else to be thankful for!!!

Praise God today for His gift. It is amazing!

On another note, Thankful Thursday...I am thankful for my beautiful girls. They are such a gift!


Billy Coffey said...

Though sad, very sad, I think it's good in a way to dwell a little on how much the pain that Christ felt that day. Being risen showed us His blessing. Suffering showed us His love.

The Junkin' Yaya said...

Hi sweetie!

Thank you for your sweet comment on the yaya! Don't ya just love how children can see beyond things...wish they would never lose that as they become adults! :)
(Fortunately for me I never did!)

Have a beautiful and loving Easter!

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Hi Carol...I love your blog's new look. Beautiful...especially the photo in the header!

Hope you have a Blessed Easter!

Candi said...

Happy Easter, Carol. The picture of the grandbabies definitely put a smile on my face. I needed that with everything that has happened in my family lately. Love you!! Candi