Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Always a Winner

We got to be with Tyler last weekend as he took part in Morningside's first annual Business Group Awards ceremony. He was honored to receive the bronze award for his great grade point average! Like I have always said, that smile of his will break hearts (or something like that)-

His BFF, Christi, at his side-

The E Group, his campus business organization-

Tyler and Breann, Co-Presidents-

April 3, 2009

Student is winner in Pappajohn
New Venture Business Plan Competition

Tyler Childress, a senior at Morningside College, was recently one of six college students to be named a winner in the 2009 Pappajohn New Venture Business Plan Competition.

This competition is for Iowa college students interested in starting their own businesses. Business plans are judged based on content and viability.

After regional competitions and then a finals competition in Cedar Falls, Iowa, Childress was awarded a $1,000 seed grant to help him implement his business plan, which is to create Ty’s Wireless Warehouse.

In its ninth year of existence, the Pappajohn New Venture Business Plan Competition was created and is sponsored by venture capitalist John Pappajohn and his firm, Equity Dynamics Inc. Pappajohn and his wife, Mary, live in Des Moines, and they have donated millions of dollars to various philanthropic causes.

Childress is majoring in business administration and marketing at Morningside College. He is the son of Dave and Carol Childress of Alvord, Iowa. His faculty sponsor for this project was Pam Mickelson, professor of business administration and director for the Center of Entrepreneurship Education at Morningside College.

Dear Tyler,
You have given me so much joy. You have been a thrill to raise into the man you have become. You will go so far with your intelligence, drive, will power, faith and convictions, and that winning smile of yours. All the expense, hastle, and trips to the dentist were very worth it! That picture at the top of my blog reminds me so much of my own children, Brandon, you, and little sis, Riss. Wasn't that just yesterday? You will graduate in May and begin yet another adventure and I will continue to cheer you on! I asked you once if you thought it had gone fast or slowly. You said, "Sometimes fast and sometimes slow, but I am ready, I am so ready". I know you are ready. I love you so much and I am so proud of you.

Love you forever, Mom


Billy Coffey said...

That's a fine young man there...

Sockrma18 said...

VERY COOL! And you know whats just as cool??? My brother played basketball at Morningside in the 1990's and we spent a LOT of time there! Small world! You should be very proud of him (which is appears you are!)!!

Anonymous said...

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