Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Underwater Paradise

Prom season is in full swing.....dresses and manicures and pedicures and shoes and tanning and jewelry and cool wheels and after-prom clothes, and photographers and DJs and decorations....decorations for the grand march, decorations for the banquet, decorations for the dance, and decorations for the after prom. It sure is a lot more expensive than in the 70s with my cream colored "Gunny Sack" brand dress and my date's polyester light green leisure suit.

My job in all of this is "to glitter". I am the chief "glitterer" this time of year. I have whole classes, set up to glitter, the janitors wonder if any of it gets onto the decorations for how much they sweep off of the floor! My room today was set up to beautify and glitterify fish and coral for our "Underwater Paradise".

All this glittering is tiring!
It is not easy to make cardboard and paper sparkle and shine.
It is not easy to try to recreate the undersea world that God has given us.
It is not easy to keep bunches of kids on task with glue, glitter, utility knives and spray paint!
You know I love it, and I am so blessed! Lord, continue to make ME a blessing right back!
Did you know they card you now for spray paint?????


Susan S. said...

as always, your art work is beautiful! That prom should be just gorgeous. I want YOUR job....Oh Queen of the Glitter!!!!

Billy Coffey said...

Any chance you could come to Virginia and decorate my daughter's bedroom? She just saw this, and she LOVES it.

Annie said...

How fun! An artistic magician...turning ordinary paper into a sea, with a sprinkle of love mixed in! Ahh! To be prom age again :)

Debilou said...

that all looks and sounds like so much fun,,