Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Back to School

Kids are happy "just hanging out"
Just being....just hanging....just enjoying school and life! Things are different today, but not so very different than we were in 1976!!! YIKES!!!

Going Back to School brings fond memories for me-
Thanks to my friend Diane at Spreading Seeds, , for bringing these memories alive for me once again. She began a quest to reorganize and reconnect those of us who graduated from West Lyon in 1976

Now she has developed a facebook group for graduates as well. It has been fun hearing from long lost friends and remembering teachers and things we used to do-
School really holds some of the best memories of my life-
My students don't believe me when I tell them, but they are-

There is always time for work and marriage and bills and responsibilities-
Just enjoy school-just enjoy the time with your friends and family-
Just enjoy-

I still count down the days before school starts
I still plan what I am going to wear on the first day-
I still count down the days before vacation-
I am always tinkering-messing-putting in new headers and new backgrounds, and I am.....STILL LEARNING- Wow, at this age???? I am STILL a work in progress
blessed to be there and choosing joy!


Diane said...

I was just telling my new homeroom today (Freshmen) to get involved in activities, choices they make as school as believe it or not the years go fast! I told them my best memories are from being active in school activities and time spent with friends.
Good luck getting back into the routine of school. I've got to learn to get to bed earlier and also realize what will get done will and tomorrow is another day...
Love, Diane

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

I love how you choose joy...even in going back to school and saying good-bye to summer days...sigh.

Adorable pictures...and you know, maybe we could learn a little bit from kids...and how they are just happy to hang out!

Sunshine Mama said...

I always love reading your insight on things...And you're right, I was always excited for school too. There's just so much energy and zip in a school setting.