Sunday, August 23, 2009

Youth Works

I would like to thank the people at Seeds of Faith for providing opportunities for our children. I would also like to thank the youth group leaders who have taken on the task of helping raise these kids to be followers of Christ.

Recently, some of our youth traveled to Kansas City to work with a daycare center of 500-700 kids each from homeless situations, foster care and low income situations. "Operation Breakthrough" was an eye opener for some of the kids who have never wanted for anything- Our youth earned new respect for those in the childcare industry and respect for those who care for troubled kids.

A huge foodbank, the"Harvesters" had kids sorting boxes and boxes of donated foods, packaging these foods, and going through thousands of potatoes to see if they were edible. It made some of the kids appreciate the food they take for granted and it made them appreciate hard work.

Some of the youth cleaned and painted, and painted and cleaned. Some met a woman who had suffered a stroke, was bedridden and unable to paint her home. Some kids said it felt good to help out for those who are unable to do the work themselves. Some kids worked with the elderly in the nursing home. Some kids worked at the Salvation army and played with children. Some painted and painted and painted.

One of the leaders spoke in church today and said how proud we should be of our youth, who served their church and their God well on this mission. The leaders were amazed as they watched the kids build relationships and watched the Spirit work within these kids. This whole trip was a blessing and the kids were challenged to keep Christ first in their life and then everything else will follow in place-

Sounds like there was a lot of time for bonding on the way to Kansas City- Some new friends, some old friends...

Some major togetherness in a 15 passenger van and an SUV around Kansas City-

Some interesting ways to make ham sandwich brown bags fun!

Some time to rest and recoup-

Some girl times-

Some working with new leader times-

Some dishpan hands times...

A "little bit of Levi in my life", a "little more of Mia in my life"-

Some singing, some dancing, some playing, some praying, some helping, some hugging, some crying, some washing, some painting, some cleaning, some bonding...

Some memories to last a lifetime......Priceless-


danmoen said...

It was great seeing the Seeds of Faith Youth once again being disciples of Christ and being his hands and feet in the world!! Our boys were also so fortunate to experience this kind of project with the Seeds of Faith Youth group and I know they will always carrying those times in their hearts and it made them better young men for doing it!

Sunshine Mama said...

It looks like everyone had a fun time in addition to getting work done.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Wow. Love, love, love that ending. That's poetry, girlfriend.

Like Pam said, these kids are truly the hands and feet of Jesus. Amen!!!

Marilyn Moser said...

Awesome post Carol! So glad that our kids got to experience this together and build make some memories while helping others! Yeah God!!

Love you,