Thursday, August 6, 2009

Girls Getaway

Judy, Sheila, Ann, Peggy, Carol-Band Trip to Black Hills 1976

Carol, Peggy, Judy, Sheila, Ann- Fabulous at 50 in Idaho!

God has blessed me with such amazing friends. My neighbors and church friends, an amazing college friend that I still keep in touch with, teacher friends, childhood friends, and these 4 high school friends! We left each other for a few years as we were raising our children and busy, busy with work and life, but we have "reunited" now through email, websites and a few get-aways. We enjoyed meeting for a few days at Sheila's home a few years ago, and our biggest adventure....50 and we went white water rafting in Idado. What a rush! Talking, laughing, reminiscing, eating, dancing, and just being kids again....memories of a lifetime!

"After" battling the white water! No injuries!

Crouching in Crouch, Idaho

This summer, just a little getaway to Iowa City, a midway meeting point led to more of the same...talking, laughing, remembering, looking at my scrapbooks, shopping, eating, swimming with water aerobics teacher, Sheila, sharing beauty secrets and products, and, just a little gambling (had to try it out to see what all the fuss is about)!
The girls were all trying to dress me to be hip and happening and "arty"!

Outside my favorite store, "Revival" in Iowa City

Some fashion finds

We had so much fun at "Revival" with our new friend, Mariah. This store was amazing, and she was my "go to girl" to check on the latest fashions. Check out their store if you get to Iowa City or here at Thanks for the laughs and for all the help, Mariah!!!
We got some swimming in. Peggy's "stand-in" was a little girl named Jasmine who was just glued to our sides at the pool.

I enjoyed the sculptures along the way and many cool paintings in the shops.
We had so much fun!

We were missing friend, Peggy who was unable to join us this year. This picture of Peggy and her husband, Paul was taken outside their home in Idaho last summer. Please join me in praying for them as they traveled to Iowa to say goodbye to Paul's Mom, Ellen. It has been a troublesome year for Peggy and Paul, seemingly one trial after another, and they are in need of a much needed break, so send up your prayers for comfort in their loss and some reprieve from their stuggles.

As usual, in my car travels, I listen to KNWC, Lite 96.5, and they ALWAYS seem to say the right thing at the right time....

"We must not dispair in times of crisis. God owns it all, and we do not know how He will use it for our good. Do not lose heart."

Do not lose heart, Peggy and Paul....the break in the clouds will come just when you think you can not go on. We love you and we missed you greatly! We are surrounding you with hugs and prayers from afar, and please, never forget.....He hears you!


Sunshine Mama said...

You all do Look FABULOUS at 50. How awesome that you still have a connection after all these years. I like how in that first picture, everyone has their hands folded... all prim and proper.

Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Carol, that is awesome! I have a set of friends from college who still get together every year. I hope we're still getting together at 50. We're all around 38 now.

Cool photos. ...

Holly said...

That's so awesome you have great friends to meet up with and do exciting things! Definitely fabulous!