Thursday, March 18, 2010

Girls Night Out

It was my first "Girls Night Out"-
It was my first trip to Panera Bread-

The art teacher in me noticed the awesome paintings-

-We had some bread tonight-
-We shared some bread tonight-

We met some awesome new friends-

We heard some great stories-
We shared our hearts-

We discussed hair-

We discussed a heart healthy diet -

We discussed the importance of sharing with girlfiends (like Suzanne and Luanne of KNWC)
We discussed fitness and wellness and nutrition and exercise-

Some people say that God speaks to them when they are walking, or God speaks to them when they are reading the Bible, or God speaks to them when they are in quiet meditation.

I have been known to say that God speaks to me through KNWC.
When I need a song, I get it from KNWC.
When I need some powerful words, I get them from KNWC.
When I need a positive outlook on things, I get it from KNWC.
I listen to Suzanne in the mornings. She gives me words of hope.

I first met Suzanne at the Jeremy Camp Concert, and now I speak to her on facebook. She reads my blog sometimes. Tonight, she spoke to me and a group of 24 ladies who signed up for "Girls Night Out' on KNWC. I am her "Girlfriend from Iowa"-

I heard what I know to be true, but need to be reminded of:

-We are all created in His image.
-We are beautiful. God made us beautiful."
-We all need to hear positives, such as, "You have such a beautiful heart".

"Our bodies are so much like our spirit. It needs to be challenged. Our bodies want to be challenged. Our bodies want to change, to get stronger, but our bodies need a reason to change. We need to get comfortable with being uncomfortable."

"Maybe we need to ask God, "What do You want me to eat today? What can I do that is the best for me today. Show me something that will be challenging for me and rewarding for me."

There are so many excuses , and I have used them all.
-I don't have time-
-I am so tired-
-I am embarrassed how I look-

*Guess what, if you watch TV, then you have the time.
*If you surf the internet, then you have the time.
*It doesn't matter how you look-you have just as much right to begin taking care of yourself as anyone else.
*If you do work out, you may find that you are no longer as tired.
*If you don't take care of yourself, how can you be of any good to anyone else?
*Find what you enjoy-mix up your fitness routine-
*Take baby steps-
*Listen to your body-
*Do it for yourself- You are SO WORTH IT!!!

"Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God." Phillipians 4:6

Thank you for this night out with the girls. Just so you know, I got up this morning and listened to my favorite station, KNWC, and my favorite announcer saying, "Life is a process. It is not, start at A and go right to Z. It is the process along the way that counts, what you do with the path you have been given." Well, now I have my K (KNWC) and my S (SUZANNE), and I have definitely been throughthe F (FIRE)! What is in store today, God? Bring it on, and thank You for this day! My mama quoted over and over and over in her last days..."This is the day the Lord has made. I will rejoice and be glad in it!"
Suzanne, I too am honored to call you "Friend"!


Anonymous said...

Thank you! I love KNWC, and like you always seem to find the right words, or encouragement, and songs for the day. Often for me that can change throughout the day. And there they are with the right words of various forms! Thank you for your posts~

Anonymous said...

i definitely enjoy your posting kind, very interesting,
don't quit as well as keep creating because it simply just very well worth to read it.
looking forward to looked over alot more of your posts, goodbye!

Suzanne Lynn - Life 96.5 said...

Carol, I just think you're great! I loved spending time with you at GNO. You are a special lady. And thank you for helping me figure out what to do with my bangs as I let them grow out. Love ya Carol! - Suzanne

Kelly @ Sufficient Grace Ministries said...

Looks like so much fun...and such a time of refreshing and encouragement! Great message...and yummy Panera!! =)

Anonymous said...

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Cherie said...

It sounds like you had a wonderful night.

Thanks for the encouragement toward healthier eating and excercising. That's the 2nd blog with that message I've read today... that God speaking?

LOVE KNWC and Suzanne as well!!!

Karen said...

What a wonderful time you looked like you had. It is always good to go out with old and new friends. I always feel so refreshed afterwards when I get the chance.

And thanks for the words of encouragement. It looks like we may be on the same page about some things=)!