Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Walking Her Home

"He is a saint".
That is what Mary Jane called her husband.
He understood her.
He loved her.
He walked beside her always.
He allowed her whatever she needed to worship God.
He joined her...held out his hand for her ...helped her along the way.

The day was expected.
The day was anticipated.
The day was a Monday, just like a million other Mondays, except, this Monday, during Holy Week, Mary Jane went to celebrate the resurrection in the grandest of ways. She is whole, healthy, singing praises and hearing the most beautiful music. She has earned her reward.

She told me once that she didn't need gold and jewels and all that when she got to heaven. She thought Heaven was just exactly whatever one wanted it to be. She wanted wide open pastures...grasslands, filled with beautiful horses.

I believe Mary Jane has seen that pasture and there are the most amazingly beautiful animals there. Her husband, Don, walked this earth with her. He walked beside her for all of her days.
He never left her side as her days became apparently very limited. Jenn said, "Dad is amazing. I watch him sleep by her bed every night. It is a blessing witnessing that kind of love." He was by her side and had the honor of "walking her home."

Mary Jane was such a role model for so many of her friends and family. I told her that once, and she said, "I don't try to be. I am just doing what anyone in my position would do." I very much doubt that. She was a very special lady. She was on a journey. She was convicted. She was confident. She was willing. She was believing. She was steadfast. She was preparing. She was amazing.

Mary Jane taught me so much. Do not whine, do not waiver, do not complain. Smile. Be kind. Know in your heart what is right. Know in your heart what is true. Keep your eyes on the prize.
She did not ask to be delivered from cancer. All she ever asked of us was to pray for her pain management and her peace.

Thank you, Mary Jane, for what you mean to me, for what you have taught me, for what you have shown me.

Our quartet sang for Mary Jane. She asked us to sing for her celebration on Saturday...a couple of her favorites, "Whispering Hope" and "Surely the Presence of the Lord is in This Place." I am so honored to be called upon! I too, will be a part of "walking her home".

"The seeds of her faith, planted in prayer, will bring forth life, and grow into fruit that is eternal." -Stormie Omartian


Karen said...

What a beautiful post and the testimony of that woman's life touched me, a complete stranger. Thank you for posting this, Carol. The pictures were breathtaking.

Cheryl Monen said...

Carol, I love your post about our dear friend Mary Jane. I will cherish her memory until I see her again in Glory. And I so-o-o agree with your comments about Don. They have both been wonderful examples for all of us. Thank you for sharing. Love, Cheryl M.

Annie said...

Carol, I got chills reading this. Beautiful tribute and remembrance to a beautiful lady.

Anonymous said...

Carol... all true! She was so loved, and is so missed! But knowing where she is and that she is healed makes it better. Thank you for sharing... you are so talented!