Sunday, March 14, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In

Well, you just can not take the sunshine out of the girl...or something like that.

I am STILL annoyed by the wet soggy weather, but it is getting better little by little. It was 40 today and I have heard of it getting into the 50s this week. The mountains of snow are disappearing, the water in the basement is coming and going, but not getting any higher than the root cellar so not damaging anything. The gravel roads are not quite as dangerous as they were last week. Busy, busy, busy weekend with a kindergarten rodeo on Friday, with a face painting booth courtesy of my art students, our daughter's volleyball tournament, earning a trip to state later this month, a wedding, a surprise birthday party for my brother Mike, a dance, overnight guests, singing with the children in church, teaching Sunday School, and a houseful of family all day Sunday. I took a couple of catnaps today and that is all I needed to keep on going. I am thankful for a day of rest.

I have a student named Swen. He has been drawing a series of "sunshines". I asked him if I could feature his work on my blog today. When things were so down for me last week, Swen was busily drawing sunshine for me. I was not able to see the sun outside, but thanks to Swen, we saw the sunshine inside our classroom.

This brings me to my Sunday School lesson for my 4 year olds. God loves us even when we do bad things. He loves us even when we are unlovable. He is eager to welcome us back when we have gone astray. Our story was the one about the boy who left his father, wasted all of his money, had to eat with the pigs, and then returned to his father who welcomed him with open arms.

I left my Father last cry and wallow and wail and moan. I was down. I was tired. I was sick of the mud and the cold and the wet and the snow. I forgot to have faith in my heavenly Father that the rains will cease, the sun will return, the mud will dry, the grass will come.
I am sorry for my unbelief and I am so blessed that my Father was waiting with open arms to welcome me back to Him. Amazing! ( Sorry to second guess you Lord, but I am still asking for some sunshine!)

Until then, I thank you Swen, for sharing your gift with me!


Jennifer @ Getting Down With Jesus said...

Love the art!
Love Swen!
Love you ...

(Love, me)

Cherie said...

Well you gotta love that homemade sunshine! Thanks for sharing!