Sunday, June 21, 2009

Monday Musings

WOW!!! It is just after midnight, Monday morning. I have a full day today, but just wrapping up the weekend and so much on my mind to share. Imagine that!!!

***The twins are in Ida Grove fishing and swimming in the pond at Grandma and Grandpas. They are going to "help" move cattle tomorrow. They went to Sunday school last year, they will begin pre-school in the fall, and they are playing T-Ball for the first time. They are the two in the front row on the end together right above the #9. They continue to be little miracles, beginning life way too early, weighing a little over 2 lbs. I really miss them when I don't see them every couple of days! Who knew being a Grandparent would be this much fun? I will see them Tuesday when they come home to play T-Ball, and Grandma Carol will cheer them on.

****Marissa is playing a lot of softball this summer. It was fun to open up the paper and find a nice picture of her. Her dad said, "Well, at least your eye was on the ball"

***Praising God for Missy, my niece, walking the survivor's lap at the Sioux County Relay for Life Friday night. Heard she gave an amazing speech!

***We went to a beautiful wedding Saturday....Congratulations Libby and Rob!

***Pizza Ranch for Dad's dinner!
*** Summer has officially arrived....June 21st.
***Did you know Quintuplets were born in Minneapolis, 4 girls and one boy and they are all doing well? I have their link posted here. Keep them in your prayers!
***I sang in church Sunday....."How can I keep from singing your praise?" Praising God for my friend, Mary Jane. She is facing cancer and choosing to live out her days without the cloud of additional chemotherapy treatments. She says she is so blessed to have these days to say her goodbyes, to get her affairs in order, to mend any fences that need mending, to "clean out her closets" and enjoy her life. She is a blessing to me every time I see her. She is a beautiful soul and my life is richer for having gotten to meet her. She told us the only thing she has prayed for is "peace", not to take this away from her, but that she be at peace with whatever comes.
Mary Jane - isn't she amazing?

***Tyler and Christi came over today for Father's Day and the subject was "The Wedding" next June. I guess it is officially official. This is their new profile picture on Facebook! If it is on Facebook, it is so...

***Brandon and Brittany came over today to see Dad too and left Braylyn with us while they went to play softball.

We had fun playing outside with this little one!
***Happy Birthday today to Erika....sweet 16!

***Life is full
***Life is good
Choosing Joy in my world!


Annie said...

How blessed you are! Praises for all them! Love the pics!

Susan S. said...

Wow....what a super busy and super wonderful weekend! You are so blessed and are surrounded by such wonderful family and friends!

Sunshine Mama said...

Such a full life you lead. Nice to see all the picts.

Kristi L said...

Gosh, I love this post Carol! It made me smile:) Please tell Tyler & Kristy Congratulations ~ or better yet, I'll stop by the store to tell them myself!

Candi said...

Congratulations on Tyler and Kristy's engagement. They look so happy in their picture.