Thursday, June 11, 2009

T-Ball, Mirrors and Promises!

I have never thought of these two as mirrors. They are often very, very different, often quite the same, but watching them play T Ball was quite entertaining. These pictures showed me just how much they do mirror each other. I loved the fact that they were trying. I loved the fact that their mom and dad were right out there on the field teaching them the way to go...the way to "play the game". Most of the parents were right out there on the field with their kids telling them the right way to go. The kids look to their parents as if saying, "Is this the right way? Are you sure, Dad?" In a way, little children mirror what they see and learn around them....scarey thought sometimes when we are less than perfect role models.

Dad is saying, "Do what you are told." Believe that these, who say they love you, know what they are talking about, that they know the way you should go, that they know how to get you to the good end result.

Pregame, I was painting all afternoon, ran to their game and a wonderful picnic/party in the park put on by our local bank, and returned to my painting, finishing some time before midnight. I was trying to find a quote to put on the wall in the nursery where I painted the Ark. I read from Genesis about the Ark and the flood and the rainbow and the dove and the animals, 2 by two. I ended up with the quote, "A rainbow is a promise" and then I put Genesis 9:11-17 on the wall, hoping this will lead to some teaching by some parents of these children who enjoy the room being prepared for them. Maybe their parents will be right there with them teaching them the way to go, telling them the way to "play the game". Most kids will believe their parents, that they are telling them the right way to go. They will believe that these parents, who say that they love them, know what they are talking about and will know the way you should go to get to a good end result. They trust.

Noah resisted. Noah bucked. Noah was not quite sure he trusted. Noah tried NOT to "play the game", but in the end, he did as his Father told him. His Father knew the right way to go. This Father, who said that he loved Noah, was telling him the right way to go.

I teach pre-schoolers in Sunday School and I really try to simplify the stories we are to teach them. This one, filtered and watered down says to what you are told and God will take care of you. AWESOME! T-Ball, Mirrors and Promises! Awesome!


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Sunshine Mama said...

That is just beautiful!!! Wow. I love the colors and the details with all the animals. You do such a good job. It's so nice to see your work.

When I was reading what you wrote, I was in my mind thinking, yes, kids do believe their parents which is why we need to take our opportunity to share the message of Jesus with them.

Marilyn Moser said...

Love this post and what an awesome painting of Noah's arc...are you an art teacher or something?? Just wondering? ha

Love you sweets,

Jennifer said...

I saw this yesterday IN REAL-LIFE!!!! I am totally in awe of your talents. Thank you for sharing your talents with our church family.

Also, the mirror-image thing is very cool. Love it.