Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sunshine and Paint

June is just about shot. It is now HOT, and I have seen a lot of ball games! I have taken one class, visited a couple of bible schools, taken care of my grandkids a few times, painted 5 murals, been to the weight room 4 times a week, cleaned up the demolition project in my home and started painting that, and been to a few rummage sales. I am so blessed to be a teacher, who has the summer "off". I am too busy to work year around! These murals....I have been told I have a gift. I believe, more than a gift, it is a blessing to be able to paint like I do. I painted a mural for my sister, Kristy. She loves it so much! It says, "Lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the world".

I had the joy of seeing Kristy today! She is my baby sister. Here she is with sister, Linda, oldest of 9 and Krisy is the youngest, born on the same birthday, exactly 15 years apart!

Mike and Kristy have 8 children-----YES, 8!!!!! and sorry Kristy, I lost track, something like 14 grandkids? It was wonderful seeing you today! She works at Walmart and LOVES her job and loves all of her co-workers and customers. She was very busy today, training a new young man, and introducing me to everyone and bragging up my painting abilities. She has the nickname of "Sunshine" at Walmart and I can see why. She is having a great time at living her life. Love you so much, Kristy!

This week I painted for a former student, Heidi, and that too was a joy. She lives a wonderful life in a beautiful home, and she too is beautiful. She has this little girl, Julia, and she is doing everything right in raising her. I had the honor of painting in Julia's bedroom, ducks and puppies, and a kitty, and a bird, and a bug , and a pig, and an elephant, and butterflies, but what I loved the most was listening to her awesome CD's, Christian songs for little children. AND, I painted 3 bible verses in Julia's room, so she can begin to learn scripture. See, I can bless others, and they don't even know how much they bless me in return. Hope Julia enjoys her room!

Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God. Matthew 5:8


Susan S. said...

Hi!!! LOVE your songlist....I had to finish listing to the first song before I added the comment...I was jammin'! LOL!
Your artwork is unbelievably gorgeous...that firt piece looks like a tapestry or something similar....GREAT job!

I'm going to try and add a playlist to my blog? Wish me luck!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks for sharing the picutres! it was fun to see what you painted.


Sunshine Mama said...

Phenomenal! Can you say Kincaid? That first painting reminded me of a Thomas Kincaid painting.

It's such a pleasure looking at your artwork.

It's even better that mutual blessings abound when you paint and God is glorified.

Kelly @ The Beauty of Sufficient Grace said...

Your gift is so beautiful! I love your paintings. You are awesome! And what a cute family!