Monday, December 1, 2008

Coming Out of the Dark

"Oh my gosh, you used to be fat! You're beautiful now."
"Your chin is way different!" Love, Marissa (she told me to add that)

We were looking at some pictures and my daughter was shocked at what she saw. She could hardly remember me that way.

I have to pat myself on the back. I have turned my health around in the last year and 1/2. It has taken a while, but it has been so worth it. I was getting to the point in which I was resorting to hiding my weight by wearing jackets....all the matter the weather. Now, a woman of 50 NEEDS to remove clothes from time to time, and there was a time when I would rather roast to death than bare myself. I am ALWAYS in front of others. I sing in front of everyone, I talk, I laugh, I teach....and I had just about put an end to that too. I thank the Lord for my counselors at LA who believed in me, who helped and encouraged me. I have NEVER been able to lose 5 lbs. on purpose in my life. 30 lbs. is really the "weight of the world". Imagine 30 tubs of margarine tied around my neck.....Now that they are gone, I am free. I have impoved my health, my mental well being, and my personality is restored. I have "come out of the dark". I have freed myself of blood pressure medicine, and I no longer have migraines. I was tested for diabetes and Cushings Disease before my weight loss. In a recent Dr. visit, the Dr. congratulated me and said, "Whatever you are doing, keep right on doing it". One of my friends said, "You're back! Who was that? That was not you!" It is a very long story that has led me to today, and I want to thank all my friends and family for the love and support and encouragement that has helped restore me to health and happiness. I want to thank God for staying right beside me though the dark times and now, as I am on the way out. I feel better, I feel more energetic, I can make better food choices, I don't need to eat all the time. There is something else I really need at the time, I just need to find it. I feel younger at 50 than I did at 45! I LOVE it when people say, "you do NOT LOOK 50!" If you are "in the dark"....there is a way out. Let me help you. God doesn't expect me to be perfect or even beautiful in the eyes of the world, but he does want me to be healthy and well. "All I ever have to be is what He made me". Love, Carol


Susan S. said...

Carol...YOU ROCK! That is SO wonderful that you've gotten healthy and happier. I'm proud of you...I know it's not easy but anything worth having seldom is easy. You ARE a hot 50 year old and I wouldn't have guess unless you told me your age. I never did imagine 50 would feel like it does...and it ain't bad, is it? I don't really like to make New Year's resolutions but this year I do want to get into a healthier life style and take better care of myself and you've inspired me. Thanks girlfriend! PS: Thanks for the sweet comments on my blog--we are definitly COLORFUL LADIES, yeah???? Blessings friend

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Carol, Wonderful job and you are GORGEOUS! I'm sure it was alot of dedication on your part. Thanks for visiting my new blog and your kind words. It means alot to me. Please come back. You're always welcome! ~Melissa

Lorie said...

You look amazing! Good for you.

luthien said...

well done! you not only look gorgeous... you exude so much positive energy :))))))

Darlene said...

You look so great!!!!! At 62, my mom said she had had enough of the nonsense and did the same thing! I sooooo admire you both.

Now, if only I could follow a silly diet while chasing these kids around!

Proud of you, you awesome lady!!