Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Remember Me

Grandma Elaine with all of her great grandchildren

Every grandchild and every great grandchild
proudly holding their memory tractor.

Our Christmas party was pushed back a week by the snow and ice and frigid temps and the drifting that had several families blocked in for a couple of days. We had our party Sunday; Pizza Ranch treat from Grandma Elaine, playing at the County Fair, and then back to Larchwood for MORE to eat and gift exchange. It was the first Christmas without George...Husband, father, father-in-law, grandpa, and great-grandpa.....Look at the legacy he has left behind. Every child, every grandchild and every great grandchild, even the 2 great grandchildren yet to be born, were handed a piece of George's collection of tractors. Most of his tractors were Olivers, and we were shocked to realize that he had that many of them in his collection. They were each placed in a protective baggy, and were given a number. Each child who was to receive one, drew a number and that was the prize they would receive. Those tractors will always have a special spot in the homes of these children, but an even more special spot....down deep in the heart....a spot reserved for the memory of a very special man, Grandpa George.

Remember me...
by FallenAngel
Remember me with a smile
And that's how I'll remember you
Remember me making life worthwhile
Even if it's hard to do
Remember me strong and wise
And that's how I'll remember you
Remember me with laughs not cries
Even if your feeling blue

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God's Not Finished With Us Yet... said...

Okay, your songs are going to make me cry before I even finish reading the post.....

I don't know who George was but he sounds like a man of honor and integrity, love and purity. The tractors are unique and because of that I do believe he has left a legacy like you said, a special memory revealing some of what he was about and what his joys were.
How cool.

Those are great photo's and I think you (from your photo playing the guitar) look very cute. LOL....you have a very sweet and tight nit family, very rare these days. It's so refreshing to see!