Thursday, December 25, 2008

Silent Night

I was moved to tears at church on Christmas Eve. Silent Night was the song that finally did me in. I was sitting alone all during the service, friends and families all around me, me up and down, up and down, singing this song, that song, this group, that group.....not really realizing I was so all alone until that song. I was standing in a crowd, in the dark, yet all alone lifting my light for all the world to see. Silent night, holy night, all is calm, all is bright, round yon virgin Mother and child.......Mother and child.....Mother and child. The love I feel for my Mother, the love I feel for my children and is amazing. The love that Mother felt for her child on that cold winter's night so very long ago must have been just as amazing, or even more so, when you take into consideration the awe of her conception! When I look at songs on YouTube, the blessed birth, photos of a beautiful mother and child , often morph into the horrible scenes of the crucifiction. They go hand in hand....blessed birth....crucifiction, death, pain, sorrow....all so that we could live eternally in a place that is beyond all imagination.....As I sang (or could not sing)Silent Night, I was so amazed at the very beautiful service I had just witnessed, at the gifts I have been given, the gift of life, the gift of renewed health, the gift of song, the gift of my family, the gift of my children and my grandchildren, and wonderful friends. Thanks for the hug, Marilyn. We have such a beautiful church.....the lights, the candles, the music...I stood in complete awe and cried at the beauty I was witnessing and realizing that my Dad and my Mom and George and all those loved ones who have gone before us, are in the presence of that beauty, indescribable beauty and songs of the angels all the time! What wonderful gifts we have been given, and what wonderful gifts are awaiting us. Mom had lost her singing voice on this earth, but I told her to go! Sing! Be whole and sing in the angel chorus. I told her to save a spot for me beside her. She always looked out for her children and I know she still is.... Love you forever Mom!


Billy Coffey said...

What a lovely and powerful story. True, Christmas is about surrounding yourself with family and friends. But it is also about the personal meeting between the individual and the Christ, and how that meeting changes us forever.

Susan S. said...

What a sweet post.....I totally understand what you were feeling. Although my parents have both been gone for 15 years I still get teary when I hear Christmas songs in church. I can still feel, and hear, my mom standing beside me at church, her beautiful, but not perfect, voice singing and it chokes me up. I know she (and my dad) are in a choir of angels. What a wonderful gift we have to know that ONE DAY we will both be in that choir singing right along with them, right?!!? Blessings and hugs to you.

Travis said...

I found you through Billy's blog, and I wanted to say, very nice. I really appreciate what you said.

It has been a practice of mine for several years to look at each individual in my life as though I were his/her parent. It's hard to do. But, even when it's tough, I try to think back to when that individual was a baby, or a toddler, with their whole life in front of them, and all the things they must have faced. That's when I look at them with compassion and try to deal with them accordingly.

Your words were very powerful, and I was moved by them. Thanks!

HI-CALIBER Private Investigations said...

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