Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Baby Blessings

Who can resist that face?
Kavian and Calvin love their sister!

Braylyn Ray, (B-ray, ray-ray, sis, baby Braylyn, sister) you have added so much happiness to the family, a little pink ray of sunlight. You have the most beautiful smile and big blue eyes. Your mommy and daddy adore you, and your big brothers love to hug and kiss you and help take care of you. You are a big pink bundle of joy, with a wardrobe fit for a queen! Grandma was just getting her house cleaned out as the boys have left home, and suddedly I have a swing, a stroller and am starting a box of girl toys for you! Always be as sweet as you are right now and the world is yours! I love you forever! Grandma Carol

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