Thursday, September 25, 2008

Leaving a Mark

Abby, Andy, Molly and Ashlee-Wall Artists

Leaving their mark-

Brian lending Brandon a "hand"-

It has begun....the year of lasts. Each year, a group of students is put in charge of "The Wall". It is a small section of the cafeteria wall on which they are allowed to paint and then leave their handprints. Little do they know that they have left a much bigger mark at West Lyon than can be indicated by a little paint. There is so much activity going on around here to get these kids ready to graduate. There is the class picture, the wall painting, the coronation and Homecoming festivities, the lip syncs, the dress up days, the senior pictures, the NHS meetings, the Student Council meetings, the article for the newspaper, football games, volleyball games, cross country meets, band competitions, the forms for scholarships and college preparations, ACTs and FAFSAs.....and hopefully some learning. Most of the seniors are so excited to leave here and get on with the ritual of growing up. I like to think that they should be happy staying here. They are cared for, fed, clothed and loved, usually a car is provided and laundry is taken care of. It is a much bigger world out there than they know. I do wish them the best as they continue past high school. Many of you can attest to this fact: Life starts going much faster as we age! I don't know how that works, but it is true. It is Monday, and suddenly it is Friday. The weekend is gone before you know it has hit. It seems like Tyler just graduated from high school. I remember him putting his handprints on the wall and painting his mural in the weight room. Wasn't that just yesterday? He is ready to graduate from college this spring! Our baby girl is a freshman in high school and is out right now driving my van!!!!

You know what I have to say about all of that? Don’t take one second of your life for granted. – live it to the fullest as each day will never be reversed. Remember to look to God each and every day, choose hope, choose faith, choose life and choose joy! Best wishes to the Class of 2009!

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