Friday, September 19, 2008

Happy Birthday, Tyler!

The twins call you, "Touchdown Uncle Ty"!

Tyler leading the pack into the stadium for the first game of the season!

Tyler having some fun with buddies

Seems like yesterday you graduated from high school-now a college Senior!

Doing some business always with a smile.

Tyler and his BFF, Christi!

Working hard on our driveway project.
Happy Birthday today to my son, Tyler. You are such an amazing athlete/kid/man/person. I love you forever. You have brought so much joy to my life (almost forgot the year of car accidents, tickets, trips to the Lyon Co. courthouse/glad you came out of all that unhurt!) You made it through the ridiculously huge glasses, the buck teeth, the balder than bald baby days, the constant fire red cheeks, the "heart attack" as you used to call it, the rec specs, the stuttering in 2nd grade, the matching tye dyed outfits with Brandon, the braces, the injuries....all with a smile on your face. Best wishes for an amazing senior year and a more amazing end to your football career and last year at Morningside. You have made me very proud. Keep smiling and you will have everyone in the palm of your hand. Love you forever and ever, Mom

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I love you Carol!!!!!