Monday, September 1, 2008

Long Weekend

Wow! I am sooooo tired. A long weekend should be time to rest and recoup.....that did not happen. I spent the weekend at the flea market in Hawarden. It is so much work for an old lady. I love doing it, but my house is practically destroyed when I am gone all day. The kids and grandkids were there working on our garage project. It is ready for the concrete. Those little boys worked so hard, picking up rocks and putting them in the skid loader bucket, placing re-rod, leveling out the dirt....they were tired and dirty. They had their crabby moments and I knew it was that they were just so tired. After some long showers, their outlook on life got a lot better, but they wouldn't give up and take a rest. They wanted to go with me to get pizza for supper Sunday night They got into their seats, I took off and they looked so tired in the rear view mirror, I told them to just close their eyes and rest a bit. They were out! I had all 3 kids overnight Saturday night, and thankfully, they slept well, even Braylyn! Sunday night, I got a treat. My friend, Marilyn, called and invited Marissa and I to go along to LifeLight in Sioux Falls. We saw Natalie Grant and Casting Crowns. It was so much fun....another first for me! Lots of activity, lots of family times...I am blessed.

Labor Day Weekend in Hawarden

Part of my flea market treasures this weekend.

What is under there, Daddy?

I see you, Dad!

Rissa doing some packing!

Calvin worked all weekend!

Sister is Tired!

What do you mean, "You're beyond tired!", Grandma?

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Diane said...

Hi Carol,
Where do you find the time to create things for a flea market??? You go girl!