Sunday, September 21, 2008

New Record

Ok, so I told you I wouldn't write about Morningside Football all the time, but I really HAVE to today! I have no choice! Tyler was waiting and hoping to achieve a new Morningside record and HE DID IT SATURDAY!!! They played Dordt College in Sioux City. It was SOOOO hot in the stands! Luckily, we were so far ahead at half, that I could sit in the shade during the second half. Dordt is in their first year of football, so the score is a bit lopsided. It was 62-0 at halftime. The coaches took the starters out and tried some other players and other plays, and the end score remained the same: 62-0. Tyler needed 1 touchdown to tie the record and 2 to break it. He now owns the record of "Most touchdowns in the history of Morningside College". We are so proud of him, as are most of his teammates, coaches, fans and past coaches. He was featured in the Morningside article in the Sioux City Journal. He even talked about his mom, saying that he was just living up to his mom's expectations. The day he was born, we were discussing names. Tyler was chosen and the middle name would be David. I remember saying, "His initials will be TD for touchdown!" With his birthday being the day before, I was especially happy for him to have achieved this new record in honor of his birthday. Tyler, you have worked so hard and kept your nose to the grindstone. Congratulations Ty Ty!!! Love you forever, Mom

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