Sunday, September 7, 2008

Lump in my Throat

A "lump in my throat" photo!

Into the locker room for last minute details.

Last year, Calvin and Kavian were so afraid of the "horsey", the mustang mascot. Morningside has gotten a new outfit, plus the boys are a year older. It was really the clincher when they saw the "horsey" in the bathroom and "she" had taken off her head!!!!! They met her and found out she was a twin too! She was 2 lbs. 3 oz. and her brother was 2 lbs. 4 oz. They sat with her and gave her 5 and "peace out" and took pictures with her! To them, she was the best part of the game....that and the concessions!

Congratulations, Tyler. Love, Kavian and Calvin

Ok, so I wasn't the most athletic person....EVER.....but I do have to admit, I am a Sports Mom! I look forward to watching my kids in every single event they have ever been in. I have missed a handful over the years. I do vividly remember the relief and excitement I felt when I had officially retired from driving my kids to soccer in Sioux Falls. I made the trip sometimes several times a week to Sioux Falls for 15 years. I have watched league soccer, advanced league soccer and club soccer, volleyball, basketball, T-ball, 3 on 3 basketball tournaments, softball, baseball, track, peewee wrestling and junior high wrestling, hockey tournaments, and lots and lots and lots of football. As I said earlier, Tyler is a senior at Morningside. I already know I will cry when football is over.....really over for me. There is nothing like the excitement of a big game. This week was the first game of his senior year, and there he was, hand in hand, walking out to the center as a captain. I love that sight. I loved that sight when he was in high school, and I got to see it again in maroon instead of blue and white. I loved it when Brandon and Tyler walked in hand in hand with their teammates, and when they made that sound they make as they all walk across the parking lot in their cleats. I loved it when the crowd cheered their arrival. I loved it when Brandon used to run and jump on top of the whole pile, and I loved it when Tyler came in last, as if herding all the boys in. Well, this game, he did not come in last, he came in first, and I got that old lump in my throat again!!!! I promise not to do this every week, but then, as I said in my very first IS my blog and I guess I will if I want to!!! Have a great week and remember, CHOOSE JOY! It really is your choice.

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