Tuesday, September 23, 2008


First of all, hello Deb! It has been so much fun seeing you and talking to you. I know you have to work, but it is just nice seeing a friendly face, and you always have a smile for me. Some of these old pictures seem like they were taken decades ago. Oh, wait, they were! I had the privilege of graduating with the greatest class, the Class of '76! Everything was patriotic, right down to our band performance under the direction of Jim Smith. I can remember the flag girl getups we wore, right down to the tall fur hats that were sometimes whipped off with an exuberant twirl of the flag (but we were to just go on without it), the white go-go boots and the one piece white polyester shortset with the blue split skirt that covered it (sort of). I remember the dueling ship routine where the American ship reigned supreme and the pirate ship was sunk! I remember how the American flag popped up at the end with all the flags fanned around it. I remember Greg Twombly and Ann Kerkvliet as our fearless leaders. I remember the pink panther routine and marching in the parking lot in pouring rain, just so the Seniors could get in their final performance after a cancellation due to the weather in Rapid City. I can still remember trying to see how many people we could pack into Smitty's office, and I remember the band trips on the old yellow school busses. I remember feeling nauseous on the bus going around and around, and up and up to Mount Rushmore. I have been known to be a bit bus sick, maybe plane sick, but the THOUGHT of eating buffalo burgers was enough to turn my stomach inside out. We did have some great photo opportunities, like the one where we all have matching shirts, and we are sticking out tongues or making pig nose faces! Headstands with Slim and Boots and leg wrestling at a rest stop...... I remember the pastel swing choir dresses and the leisure suits, light blue and sea foam green for special days like Prom! I remember the muslin Gunny Sack dresses. Who doesn't remember the dreamy eyes of John Freeman? I realize why I am such a poor driver. It was always difficult to keep my mind on driving with such a beautiful driver's ed teacher! We used to make late night trips to Taco Bell and/or Mr. Donut , eating as much as possible, and always piling as many people into the cars as we possibly could. I think I was one of the smaller girls, usually ending up on someone's lap. AND, that was before the days of seatbelts! Kids!!!!! I remember my station wagon that smelled like hot oil. It had fake painted paneling down the side. Lots of time was spent in Ann's basement, and at Sheila's house with Harriet getting all the details. Judy's Mom adopted me when Beloit flooded and Peggy always had the BIGGEST slumber parties!!! Peggy, Ann, Judy, Sheila and I posed for a shot before we left for a band trip, and 32 years later, we posed outside Peggy's house in Twin Falls, Idaho. I think 32 years look like they have been kind to us. We are all 50 and have separate lives, but I have some wonderful memories and wonderful friends that I enjoy seeing from time to time. It is fun to see Deb so often through some sporting adventure or other and it has been great catching up with Diane through the Class of '76 website. I see Cathy at work every day and I had a long visit with Helen in Scheels a few weeks ago. I see Tony all the time as he is a coach at school. Check out the Class of '76 website on my list of sites of interest. Thanks, Diane for keeping us all connected. You do an awesome job!!! Thanks for all the joy you each have given me! I am blessed!

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Diane said...

Hi Carol,
HS days were care free and we were a close class making staying in touch so easy when we all share so many memories. I really don't do that much work on the class site but thanks for the praise. Maybe since I don't live "back home" and get to see old classmates like you do, I too enjoy the connection the web gives us all. Someday I plan to move back, who says you can't go home again, memories can take you there every day!