Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Remember Me

It took years for this plant to take off----everything in His time!

You have to admit....it has been quite an abrupt change....one that takes some getting used to! I put my coat on, take my coat off and put it on again. I almost feel like starting the furnace in the morning, but it is quite comfortable when I get home from school, only to cool off again before bedtime. I walk around the house and find I need to be wearing socks, and sometimes I just HAVE to bake something to warm up the kitchen. When I hop in the car in the morning, on goes the heat. After school, it is the air conditioning! If I go away in the evening, it is back to the heat! I went to my first football game of the season and teetered between shirt sleeves and winter coat and mittens....Does any of this sound like something flashing, girls? I thought I would give you some fleeting reminders of summer plus some of the fun I have with photography. Enjoy the view while you can!!!!

West Lyon front yard

I can't resist altering something!!!

More Alterations

These last 4 pictures are taken in Mom's backyard of her home in Canton. They live on!
Mom was so amazing. She is still! She is with me when I see the flowers bloom. She is with me as I work in the garden. She is with me when I see the leaves change. She loved fall. She loved Christmas....absolutely hated Santa, but she loved Christmas because it brought the Baby (she loved babies), and it brought beautiful music. She loved to hear me sing. She loved to hear all of her children sing. She loved Christmas because it always meant her family would be together. She often said of her less than easy, less than materially blessed life, "When it comes to blessings, I'm richer than most". Her last Christmas, she told the Dr. she had to be home for Christmas, and she was, with all her children near, her richest blessings. She was so tired and weak, she sat in a recliner and just watched, but as she was leaving for the evening, her children began singing, and she stoppped to listen...she may have been tired, she may have been weak, but her blessings were singing to her, for her. I bought a mat for one of the last pictures we had of her because of the poem that was written on it. I wasn't really shopping for a mat, but I stood and cried in Crossroads. It was just perfect and I HAD to buy it! I treasure it each day. I can read it now and smile at the picture of mom smiling back at me. The tears are there, ready to spill, but I can make it through the poem now. I am taking baby steps.
Remember me when flowers bloom
early in the spring.
Remember me on sunny days
in the fun that summer brings.
Remember me in the fall
as you walk through leaves of gold.
In the wintertime, remember me
in the stories that are told.
But most of all...remember
each day, right from the start
I will be forever near
for I live within your heart.
-Judith Bulock Morse
I will not forget.....and I am trying to choose joy, Mom!
Love you forever!


Diane said...

Hi Carol,
It's my turn to write! :-) I love flowers! Mine are all showing signs of fall, will have to get out there and trim and clean things up for winter... another thing for my list of things to do!
Loved the poem in honor of your mom.

Carol said...
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