Monday, September 15, 2008

Family, Sports, and Stomaches

Marissa - great serve!

Marissa played 10 sets of volleyball on Saturday with the freshman team in Luverne.
Tyler is #33

Tyler played in the Morningside vs. Northwestern game Saturday night in Orange City. He wasn't able to get his touchdown, but sure played hard, ran hard and hit hard!

Friday night I took tickets at the football game at West Lyon. I enjoyed being in the new ticket booth, built by my husband and his shop students and taken over by our son, Brandon. He is very good at what he does. He can climb around like a monkey and get the job done well and quickly!!!! West Lyon won! I didn't see much of it, being in the booth until half, and then I listened to the rest on the radio on the way home.
Saturday morning it was up early to take the freshman girls volleyball team to Luverne, MN for a tournament there. They played all day, doing a pretty good job, but it wasn't really a contest with placings, just lots and lots of volleyball being played. Dave took the varsity girls to another tournament in Rock Rapids. They are really coming along, but it wasn't their day to get into the championship round. Anyway, back to school, then home to change for the big game in Orange City. We have days like that a lot. Pack, drive, unpack, pack, drive, watch, drive, crash!!!! It was an awesome game, very close the whole night, and it was fun to see Tyler out there as captain again. Pictures were impossible with us facing the bright sunlight, but you gotta see joy in that. It had rained all day in Luverne, and we have been to many games where the sun is not shining! It was also very enjoyable to watch all the kids on the Northwestern team who came from West Lyon and who had been Tyler's teammates there-Seth, Jon, Caleb, Jordan, and Jayme. Morningside did come 0ut the winner, but it was a battle with a score of 26-21. Sunday brought another busy day, with Church and Sunday School. This is my first year teaching Sunday School and from the looks of things, I am going to thoroughly enjoy it! Those little 5 and 6 year olds are so precious. Calvin and Kavian started this year in the 3 and 4 year old class and I have been taking them home with me afterwards. They said, "God Made Me" at least 100 times and showed us how God blew the breath of life into Adam who He had made out of dirt. They got a little bottle of bubbles to take home to show how God blew the breath of life. How cute is that? We took them to Pizza Ranch and to see Grandpa George who is in the nursing home in Rock Rapids. He always perks up a bit when he sees them and I think he enjoys watching them play with his tractors! Brandon and Brittany came to pick them up, had supper with us, and the weekend was shot! I was not exactly choosing joy when I was awake from 4 am. on with a terrible stomach ache. I didn't go to school today, and it was a good thing because I slept until 1:30 p.m. It could have been the tomatos, the cucumbers, the fish oil I took on an empty stomach, the licorice I ate that I shouldn't have....I imagined E-coli, gall bladder trouble, a heart attack....whatever it was, it got me and I forgot to choose joy! I will try to do better tomorrow, God. Thanks for getting me through the night and this day! I need to remember, "Do not take your health for granted!!!!"


Diane said...

After your full weekend no wonder you caught a bug along the way somewhere! We have a lot of colds going around with the rain and change in temps too. A lot of the kids were moving slower today at school and I opened my second box of kleenex for the year already.
Take care of yourself.

denyelle/caty/mary said...

hi mrs. childress i love looking at your blog its fantastic
and mary :)