Monday, September 29, 2008

Wildcat Spirit

  • Freshman lip sync--"Under the "C"

    Marissa as Cinderella, always in a hurry, trying to beat the clock

    Aladdin and Jasmine "singing" "A whole new world"
  • There she goes again! Almost midnight! Got some lovely pictures of your first time on stage , Marissa Rose!!!

    The hallways are spectacular!

Haley calling for the Lion King or maybe she IS the King!

Amanda says, "This is how you do some synchronized lion calling".

King Lucas and Queen Abby

Well, Homecoming week has officially begun. The kids are excited, the hallways are exciting, the festivities are in full swing....and I am old and tired. The good thing is, I did come home tonight and open my mail to find I had received an AARP card and membership form. Now, I don't know how old one must be to be considered for AARP, but I am just absolutely sure it must be a mistake or someone's idea of a joke. I can't be THAT old! I really did have a great time tonight watching the Coronation and the lip syncs (if that is how it is spelled). I especially liked Brian and Wil as Jasmine and Aladdin and the one Freshman moment I understood when they were carrying a large letter "C" with pictures of Coach C. while "singing", "Under the Sea". I guess Marissa was supposed to be Cinderella, always running, almost late, running across the stage. Oh, to have that energy! School pictures, dress up was Hawaiian Day, complete with coconut bras, shell necklaces, leis, and grass skirts. Tomorrow is an early morning trip to the orthodontist, class color day and a Volleyball game at night. Wednesday is 80's Day and Thurs is Gangster Day. Thursday is another Volleyball game, and Friday is Spirit Day, early dismissal, teacher inservice and the big football game and Homecoming Dance. Saturday is Tyler's football game at Dana College, Sunday is church, singing in the choir, teaching Sunday School, taking care of the twins, maybe a little nap and it'll be Monday before the weekend hits again! Oh, my life is full!!!!!!! I am really, really, REALLY blessed!


Marissa said...
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Candi said...

Carol- I got an AARP letter, too when I turned 50.